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Thursday, June 2, 2011

First look: Miley Cyrus strips down to red bra and tiny shorts for her new film So Undercover

Grown up: New pictures from film So Undercover show Miley Cyrus in a lacy red bra and orange shorts

Not so long ago, she was one of Disney's most beloved teenage stars, appearing on hit tween show Hannah Montana and playing sold-out concerts to thousands of young fans.

But Miley Cyrus is clearly growing up fast, judging by these photographs from her latest movie.

The 18-year-old star strips down to a pair of short orange and red night shorts and a lacy red bra in one scene from So Undercover.

The comedy film, released this October, features Miley as an investigator hired to pose as a sorority girl to protect a mobster's daughter.

'She's basically this chick who grows up as a super tomboy,' the actress and singer told MTV during filming last year.

Sorority sister: Miley plays a private investigator hired to infiltrate a college scene and make friends with a mobster's daughter

'She's an FBI agent and gets thrown into a bunch of girls that she doesn't understand because she's been around her dad who's been in the FBI his whole life.'

The new images show Miley wearing a variety of brightly coloured outfits, including a bright fuchsia pink top and shorts with matching accessories.

Pretty in pink: Miley wears an array of bright outfits including this bright pink number complete with matching bag and shoes on the film

In another scene she is seen getting close to co-star Joshua Bowman.

The singer and actress has clearly enjoyed her role in the film which stars Jeremy Piven and Kelly Osbourne.

'I've been doing fighting, like learning how to box, mostly like street fighting,' she added. 'If someone comes up from behind you, knowing how to be able to defend yourself.'

But filming was not without its pitfalls.

'I have a trainer and I have bruises everywhere from, like, kicking the bags. And I've learned how to use guns, which was really scary,' she said.

Flirtation: Miley's character Molly gets up close and personal with co-star Joshua Bowman

Miley also became close to her co-star Kelly Osbourne during filming, due to their similar upbringings.

Kelly told the Daily Record newspaper: 'I didn't know Miley well before. We had only met once or twice but as soon as we started shooting it was pretty instant how we got along so well.

'She just gets it. She has a really similar upbringing to me - though her side of things is on a completely different scale to mine.

'I'm from rock 'n' roll music and hers is country, but she gets it.

'It's nice to hang around an unaffected girl you can have fun with and understand what I go through and I understand what she goes through.'

Casual and chic: Miley sports several different looks in the film including a low cut white top with heavy eye makeup and a more casual checked shirt

source: dailymail