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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Action man! Will Smith throws himself out of a window as he does his own death-defying stunts filming Men In Black III


Long way down: Will Smith was pictured doing his own stunts and throwing himself out of a window while filming Men In Black III in New York yesterday

He's already got his work cut out protecting earth from the scum of the universe - so flinging himself out of the window of a highrise building while filming Men In Black III was par for the course for Will Smith yesterday.

Wearing the distinctive black suit of his character Agent J and holding a gun, the 42-year-old was seen flying through the air with the greatest of ease as he did his own stunts on the set.

Obviously, just out of shot was a great big crashmat, but it's still pretty impressive for a multi-millionaire movie star to get his hands dirty like this.

Flying without wings: The star would have been landing on a huge great crash mat however to cushion his fall

Keep on running: The star, who plays Agent J in the comedy sci-fi, was seen sprinting though the streets too

Will was spotted filming equally daring stunts as the movie shot on location elsewhere in New York last month.

Yesterday, he was filming in the Soho area of Manhattan for the movie, which sees Will's Agent J sent back in time to save Tommy Lee Jones's Agent K.

Josh Brolin plays the younger version of the character in the scenes set in the 1960s and 1970s.

Leap of faith: The star is reprising his role as Agent J in the movie, the third in the comedy sci-fi franchise

Back in time: Will with Men In Black III co-star Josh Brolin preparing to film another scene

Chilling out: Will goes through his paces between takes in the sunshine

Earlier in the week, the crew had turned parts of the city's Jamaica Avenue into 1969 New York by converting all the shopfronts to look retro and even stocking them with products from the time.

Film publicist Frances Fiore revealed Men in Black III also shot footage recently near the Unisphere and New York State Pavilion, remnants of the 1964 World's Fair in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

The blockbuster features Smith chasing an alien up one of the pavilion's towers, which becomes a spaceship and crashes into the Unisphere.

Retro in the metro: The film sees Will travel back in time to the late 1960/early 1970s

Preparing to launch: The movie will be another all-action affair as the Men In Black battle against aliens to protect the Earth from the scum of the universe

And...action! A crew member brandishes an electronic clapperboard near Will before he prepares to shoot the last take of the day

Smith and Brolin are joined by Tommy Lee Jones, Alice Eve, Emma Thompson, Nicole Scherzinger, Rip Torn and Johnny Knoxville in the third instalment of the sci-fi comedy.

Filming has caused some controversy so far however, when residents complained after Will's huge trailer blocked their views and way when it was parked in their street in Soho.

Crew were forced to re-locate the trailer to a parking lot.

The new movie meanwhile, the follow up to the last MIB installment some 13 years ago, is expected to be released next May.

Men In Black II Theatrical Trailer

source: dailymail