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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thinking of a career change? Katie Price steps behind the camera to film her hordes of screaming fans at book signing


Stepping behind the lens: Katie Price tries her hand at filming today at a book signing in Colchester

She's tried her hand at modelling, clothes designing and even an ill-fated attempt at being a pop star.

And while she spends most of her time in front of the camera for her reality shows, it looks as though Katie Price may be thinking of trying out life on the other side of the lens.

The 32-year-old emerged from her book signing today in Colchester, but instead of greeting the screaming crowds, she filmed them with a professional video camera.

Don't drop it! The model appeared to struggle with the heavy equipment as negotiated the stairs outside Waterstones in towering heels

Katie appeared to struggle with the heavy equipment as she negotiated the stairs outside the Waterstones bookshop in towing heels.

Katie will have borrowed the camera from one of the crew members of her Sky Living TV show to capture the crowds of fans that brought the street to a standstill.

Fans were seen clutching copies of her latest autobiography as they huddled together in groups letting out the occasional scream of excitement as they waited to get into the Waterstones shop.

The Price is right: Large queues of fans formed to meet Katie Price who was at a Waterstones in Colchester to sign her latest autobiography

The 32-year-old glamour model was dressed in a pair of tiny denim shorts showing off a deep mahogany tan and wore a green vest with a long white cardigan as she posed with her book Katie Price: You Only Live Once.

For once her 25-year-old Argentine boyfriend Leandro Penna was not seen with her, despite the fact he hasn’t previously left her side since he flew over to the U.K. at the start of this month.

Excited fans: The crowds of mostly teenage girls clutched their Katie Price books as they waited to meet the glamour model

Crowd control: Fans lined the streets outside the Waterstones shop in Colchester eagerly and police were on hand to ensure the excitement was controlled

But while the response to Katie’s signing must have been overwhelming for the model she met what could possibly be her biggest fan at a signing on Friday.

A pretty brunette met her idol and showed off her tribute to the glamour model – a tattoo of Katie posing in a bikini across her arm.

Katie said: 'My signings have all been really busy. It's been brilliant seeing such a good turnout from all my fans. I'm glad I've made them all happy because when my fans are happy, I'm happy too!'

And Katie seemed so pleased with the artwork that she took a snap and posted it up onto Twitter and said: ‘Finished first signing! look at this impressive tattoo from a dedicated fan xx’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1372660/Katie-Price-steps-camera-film-hordes-screaming-fans-book-signing.html#ixzz1IQ0TCr97

Mobbed: Crowds closed in for a glimpse of Katie as she left

Katie has had a successful literary career and has already penned three other autobiographies as well as five novels with the help of ghost-writers.

She has also enjoyed several successful reality TV shows but her latest show simply entitled Katie was initially considered a flop after first figures showed that the show only got 1.7 percent of the audience share peaking at just over 400,000 viewers.

It later emerged that the 925,000 fans tuned into the Sky Living show taking into account people who recorded the show and watched it later.

The new series follows the mother-of-three following her split from cagefighter husband Alex Reid who she split from after just 11 months of marriage.

The model has been dating 25-year-old model Leandro since meeting him at Elton John’s Oscar party in and flew him over to England just a few days later at the start of last month.

Katie Price comes to Colchester to sign books

source: dailymail