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Monday, April 4, 2011

Piñatas, a pool party and plenty of cake! Katie Holmes reveals plans for Suri's lavish 5th birthday


What Suri wants, Suri gets: Katie Holmes has revealed her daughter has grand plans for her 5th birthday party later this month

Suri Cruise may be the most indulged child in Hollywood, so it's no surprise that her mother Katie Holmes is planning a rather lavish affair for her upcoming 5th birthday.

The former Dawson's Creek star also said she planned to 'girl it up' for the April 18 celebration.

Speaking on a US radio show today, Katie, 32, said: 'Suri's turns five in about two weeks.

'She wants a piñata and her girlfriends to come over, and some swimming.

'We're going to make a cake together,' she adds. 'We're going to have a little tea party. I kind of like to girl it up.'

Katie also said that husband Tom Cruise 'inspired' her and that he was an amazing singer and dancer.

Growing up fast: Katie is planning to 'girl it up' for her daughter's festivities

When asked if Cruise was a good singer and dancer, Katie replied: 'He's fantastic.
'He knows how to prepare for things and he really puts the work in and strives for the best. It's inspiring.'

Katie also spoke about playing Jackie O in the new mini series The Kennedys which aired in the U.S. last night to mixed reviews.

Rather surprisingly, radio host Ryan Seacrest did not ask her about the controversy surrounding the project, which was axed by the History Channel and condemned as a historical distortion by Kennedy associates, admirers and others.

Asked about playing the American icon, she said: 'I didn't know that much about the Kennedys. But I had a great time doing all of my research.

'My respect for and admiration for Jackie just grew with every story that I read and seeing the footage of her and really trying to understand who these people were.

'Because we do have them on a pedestal and they were so important to our country.

'What we're trying to achieve with the mini series is showing the human side of them.

'We set out to make it almost like a Greek tragedy.'

Katie added: 'We created a lot of Jackie's looks and it was a lot of fun.

'I still look to her fashion today and it inspires what I wear.'

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