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Friday, April 1, 2011

My, what similar 'coats' you have! Amanda Seyfried colour co-ordinates with pet dog


Ever the devoted pet owner, Seyfried made the perhaps unwitting homage to Finn's beautiful colouring on a trip to doggy day-care.

It's often said that owners grow to look their pets, or is it the pets that start to resemble the owner?

And yesterday actress Amanda Seyfried apparently took a tip out of her beloved Aussie Shepherd, Finn's style book.

The 25-year-old Red Riding Hood star is rarely seen without the pooch and yesterday, she had chosen a beige and cream outfit that mirrored the dog's coat.

When not able to be by the hound's side herself, the former child model is keen to ensure that her companion is well looked after.

Seyfried adopted Finn as a puppy last year after her split from British actor Dominic Cooper, 32 , and soon decreed she no longer needed a man.

Best friends: Seyfriend drops her beloved Aussie Shepherd at doggy day care

She declared that instead, the new pup was to be 'the love of her life.'

That didn't stop her getting together with fellow actor, Ryan Phillippe, 36 , at Kate Hudson's Halloween party last year.

However, the hunky Phillippe has failed to usurp Finn as the number one male in the Big Love star's life.

Two of a kind: Red Riding Hood star Seyfried isn't afraid of her wolf

She is rarely pictured without her four-legged friend.

Finn even accompanied Seyfried and Phillippe on a romantic week in Montecito near Santa Barbara last weekend.

The break raised eyebrows as they chose a ranch just half an hour from where Phillippe's ex-wife Reese Witherspoon was getting married.

It has been revealed since that the doting dad - who has Ava,11, and Deacon, seven , with Reese - was minding his daughter's German Shepherd.

No doubt he needed some back up after hearing that there would once again be three of them on this trip.

Reunited: Seyfriend was back on a walk with Finn this morning

Today she was back with Finn again, this time capitulating to the Los Angeles heatwave in tiny denim shorts and a black T-shirt.

The pair still looked strangely alike as they trotted in the heat, however.
Maybe it's the similar glossy manes...

So much for man's best friend, this pup loves to stand by his woman.

Faithful friend: Finn protects a scantily-clad Seyfried as she enjoys the LA heatwave

source: dailymail