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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bieber to the rescue! Justin saves his mother from birthday cake flames after her hair sets on fire from son's surprise


The perfect son: Justin Bieber presents his mother, and manager, with a birthday cake on stage in Berlin as she turns 35

Justin Bieber decided to give his mother a special birthday treat by presenting her with a cake on stage, but it all went terribly wrong when her hair caught on fire.

The teen sensation surprised his mother Pattie while on tour in Berlin when he asked her to come out on stage.

‘Mum, where are you?’ He said in front of thousands of screaming fans and encouraged her to step out from backstage.

Pattie mouthed ‘Oh my god! Thank you.’ As her son said: ‘This is for you, and I need everyone to sing happy birthday.’

But as the crowd belted out the song and Pattie started to blow out her birthday cake candles, her hair suddenly caught on fire from one of the flames.

Happy birthday! Pattie held onto her cake to blow out the candles but one of the flames caught a hold of her hair

Justin quickly jumped to his mother’s rescue though and caught the flame in his hand to put it out.

After the incident the singer posted on his Twitter page: ‘Sick show in Berlin brought @studiomama on stage 2 sing her happy bday but she lit her hair on fire with the candles. Lol. I saved her.

‘Don’t worry it wasn’t bad.’

Justin to the rescue: Justin saves mother after his birthday cake sets her hair on fire while she blows out her candles

His mother, who is also his manager, turned 35 during his My World Tour through Europe.

Today he will continue his tour in Madrid before heading to Barcelona, Zurich and Milan later this week.

Justin then heads down to Israel before continuing the Asian leg of his tour in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia later this month.

While in Spain the 17-year-old got into the European football spirit by working up a sweat in a Barcelona FC kit on the outskirts of Madrid.

He was competing against some local teens on the AstroTurf and even managed to score a goal against the Spaniards.

The Canadian-born singer then headed to McDonalds to grab a quick bite from the fast food giant.

Quick bite: Justin Bieber headed to McDonalds while in Madrid for some fast food after playing football with some locals

Pattie Mallette Hair catches FIRE & BURN! Justin Bieber Surprise her on Stage with Birthday Cake

source: dailymail