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Thursday, March 31, 2011

'I thought they were Swedish Fish,' jokes Katie Holmes as she explains why she bought Penis Gummies for Suri


Awkward: Katie Holmes explained that she initially hadn't realise what Suri had picked up in the restaurant's gift shop

It was the picture that caused consternation, amusement and not a little shock the world over over - and now Katie Holmes has explained why her three-year-old daughter Suri Cruise came to be carrying some rather X-rated sweets earlier this month.

Katie had taken Suri and some friends to a New York restaurant specialising in desserts when the little girl was spotted holding a box of 'penis gummies.'

But in an interview for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which airs tomorrow, the 32-year-old explained she thought they were 'Swedish Fish' - fish-shaped jellies as she laughed off the incident.

Laughing it off: Katie explained what had happened to Ellen DeGeneres on her chat show in an interview which screens tomorrow

Katie explained: 'Recently, I took her to get ice cream in New York at this place called Serendipity that we go to all the time. It’s for kids.

'We go in and we are waiting for a table and she grabs some gummies that are boy part gummies. I was horrified.'

Katie was clearly still so embarrassed by the episode, she couldn't bring herself to actually say what the sweets were.

Mummy, what are these? Suri picked up the sweets in New York restaurant Serendipity 3

So the former Dawson's Creek star spelled it out to show host Ellen, saying: 'P-e-n-i-s gummies. I said, oh wow those aren’t Swedish Fish.'

Ellen, 53, interjected and joked: 'Even I know that, I know the difference there!'
Katie laughed and continued: 'They are called p-e-n-i-s gummies and they look like it. She was holding the box and I was like okay, wow we don’t need that right now.

'Because I thought if I said "put that back!" and then she’s going to say, "what is this?" And I really didn’t want to have that conversation.

'I was like, why are selling these here? This is for kids. And then it was on the cover of a magazine that I’m giving her those gummies.'

To the uninitiated, Swedish Fish are a type of chewy fruit-flavoured fish-shaped candy sold in the U.S. made for decades by Swedish candy producer Malaco, until Cadbury bought the brand from Leaf in 2006.

In the UK, they are sold in Ikea, including the more hardcore 'salmiak' flavour, or salted liquorice flavour.

Candy confusion: Katie joked that the Penis Gummies weren't exactly the same as Swedish Fish

Katie was on Ellen to promote her new TV mini-series The Kennedys, which premieres on Sunday in the U.S.

The ReelzChannel plans to show the mini-series between April 3 to April 10.
The show has also been picked up in the UK and will also be screened by both BBC2 and HISTORY next month.

The eight-parter sees Katie as Jackie Kennedy and Greg Kinnear as John F Kennedy.

However, the real-life Kennedy family and associates are said to be unhappy about the Jon Cassar-directed series, claiming its scripts were inaccurate and overly critical.

The Kennedys Premiere

source: dailymail