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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

She's toxic! Britney Spears does Jackass-style stunt in a chemical toilet before performing live on Jimmy Kimmell


Ooops! Britney Spears got covered in the contents of a chemical toilet in a Jackass sketch on the Jimmy Kimmell show last night

Britney Spears proved she'll do pretty much anything to promote her comeback tour and album when she staged a stunt on U.S. TV last night in a Portaloo.

In a skit mocked up with Jackass star Johnny Knoxville, the Toxic singer was shot into the sky in a chemical toilet in a sketch for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The game-for-a-laugh singer was seen getting into the blue cube and holding on for life, before it seems to be propelled into the air on bungee ropes as the liquid contents of the lav splashed around her.

Toilet humour: The singer was seen being put up for the Portaloo bungee stunt by Jackass mainman Johnny Knoxville

The star was then seen extricating herself from the plastic privy, her white vest top now soaked blue, and chasing after the Jackass crew, before punching Knoxville in the crotch.

The sketch - called the 'Poo Cocktail Supreme' starts with Knoxville quizzing Britney if there's anything she's scared off as she prepares to relaunch her career.

Knoxville asks: 'Are you scared of heights? Are you scared of poo-poo? What about pee-pee?'

Silly stunt: The Jimmy Kimmell skit then supposedly showed the singer locked into the contraption which was attached by ropes to two huge cranes

To which Britney shakes her head in the negative and asserts: 'No, I'm not scared of poo-poo or pee-pee.'

Dressed in a white vest and leggings, she is then given a pair of goggles and is shut in the cubicle, saying: 'This is Britney Spears, and this is the Poo Cocktail Supreme.'

Johnny then says: 'I hope you're not claustrophobic,' as Spears is seen sitting on the seat, exclaiming: 'Oh my God!'

Sky high: The Portaloo was then propelled metres into the air on two bungee ropes as the singer was seen inside getting covered in the checial contents

Poo-per star: The contents of the chemical toilet was then seen exploding out of it, supposedly with the singer inside

Strong-er smell: Britney was seen supposedly getting totally soaked by the contents of the toilet as it bounced up and down on the ropes

Britney Spears Enjoys the Jackass Poo Cocktail Supreme

source: dailymail