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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Meet Aiden, Rod Stewart's eighth baby and, he says, his last


Happy Family: Rod Stewart with Penny Lancaster and their second - his eighth - baby

It looks like a photo of a family spanning three generations. Of course, in fact it shows only two.

Rod Stewart poses with wife Penny Lancaster and son Aiden after becoming a father for the eighth time, aged 66.

The couple, who have another son, five-year-old Alistair, spent two years trying to conceive and Miss Lancaster, 39, underwent three rounds of IVF.

This week's Hello! magazine

They said they were so nervous that they kept news of the pregnancy secret for as long as possible.

Stewart said: 'Aiden truly is a miracle. In the beginning we took it for granted that our second child would be as easy to conceive as Alistair was, but the long journey was more than worth it.'

The singer said that Aide, born on February 16, looks like him.

And he told this week's Hello! magazine: 'My way of settling him when he's crying from colic is to carry him around, singing to him.'

Stewart has previously said Aiden will be his last child, adding: 'I can't have any more kids, otherwise I'll be touring until I'm 90.'

But he admitted he would to 'pretty much anything' to keep Miss Lancaster happy - so the final decision could be down to her.

He admitted that he would do 'pretty much anything' to keep Miss Lancaster happy

source: dailymail