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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Keep smiling, sweetie! Tom and Katie's loved-up red carpet display at premiere of already panned show The Kennedys


Star couple: Katie Holmes was supported by her husband Tom Cruise at the premiere of her new TV series The Kennedys in Beverly Hills last night

A few months ago it looked like Katie Holmes's new mini-series The Kennedys would never see the light of day after an early avalanche of criticism.

But after being picked up by a rival U.S. network - when the History Channel backed out of buying the show - the show finally launched last night.

A delighted Katie Holmes brought along her husband for some extra star power - and even was spotted high-fiving her co-star Greg Kinnear at the Beverly Hills event.

Ready for my close up: Tom and Katie get ready to pucker up at the premiere

'You're doin' great': Tom whispers some words of encouragement to his wife on the red carpet

Perhaps the co-stars were saluting each other in celebration after the ReelzChannel picked up the U.S. broadcast rights.

The network said at the start of last month that it plans to show the mini-series between April 3 to April 10.

It came after a host of other U.S. channels declined to screen the programme.
Last night's launch also came days after the announcement that The Kennedys will air on BBC2.

Public couple: The appetite for TomKat seems to be as strong as ever as the pair grin for an army of cameras

Strike a pose: Katie, wearing a simple aquamarine dress and nude sandals, stood in that odd pigeon-toed pose favoured by models

The eight-parter sees Katie as the then Jackie Kennedy and Greg as John F Kennedy . Despite being ditched by the History Channel, BBC2 controller Janice Hadlow said it was 'a perfect fit' for the channel.

The History Channel's parent company A&E Television Networks said the project, did not fit the 'History brand' because of liberties taken with actual events.

The real-life Kennedy family and associates were also said to be unhappy about the Jon Cassar-directed series, claiming its scripts were inaccurate and overly critical.

Hair raising: Tom tries his best 'blue steel' look as Katie towers above him

Golden girl: Katie's 'S' for Suri necklace

Still, Katie seems happy that the finished product is finally airing, as she smooched on the red carpet with her husband.

She was wearing a simple crochetd aquamarine dress with nude sandals and an 'S' for Suri necklace dedicated to her and Tom's daughter who's five next month.

Talking about the Kennedys project after it wrapped last year to magazine Us Weekly, fashion fan Katie said:

'It's been really fun! Her clothes were magnificent. I feel so lucky. We have these wonderful seamstresses who are creating beautiful dresses that are obviously replicas of real things she wore. Armani made two dresses for me to wear.'

That's a relief: She was seen high-fiving co-star Greg Kinnear, perhaps in celebration after the show eventually got some interest from a U.S. network

Duo: The Kennedys was originally going to be screened on the History Channel, but was dropped over 'historical inaccuracies' before ReelzChannel got the rights

'She not only had great style, but she was an artist and a writer,' Holmes added. 'She was an illustrator. She was an editor.

'Her great style was both appropriate for every event that she went to and also classic, and also things that were wearable. I feel really lucky to be playing her.'

Katie filmed some of her scenes as the iconic Jackie in Toronto, where she stayed with Tom and their daughter Suri as Tom shots the latest Mission Impossible movie.

Mission Impossible: The Ghost Protocol, which also stars Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner, is now in post-production ready for its Christmas release this year.

Co-stars: Kinnear as former U.S. President John F. Kennedy while Holmes plays the role of his wife Jacqueline

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise on the red carpet for 'The Kennedys'

"The Kennedys" Television Reference Trailer

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