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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

“SPACE BATTLESHIP Yamato” bombarded by 100,000 applications for private screening


A private screening of upcoming movie “SPACE BATTLESHIP Yamato” was held at the Tokyo International Forum on November 1st, and it’s reportedly received a staggering amount of requests for seats.

According to distribution agency Toho, the film reserved 3,800 seats for the private screening, but the agency received approximately 100,000 applications!

Based off an animation which was broadcasted back in 1974, “SPACE BATTLESHIP Yamato” was revived for a live-action movie which stars SMAP member Kimura Takuya and actress Kuroki Meisa. Due to the high expectations that both retro fans and casual movie-buffs had of the film, the two main leads expressed their anxiety about viewer reactions at the post-screening press conference.

Kimura Takuya said, “I felt a little anxious about seeing your facial expressions after you watched the movie, but now that I see them, I feel full of exaltation.”

Meisa piped in, “I felt pressure and tension in the beginning, because it’s a movie which has been loved by many people, but I tried my best. ” She also admitted with a big smile that this was the first time that she co-starred with Kimura, but she really enjoyed working with him.

“SPACE BATTLESHIP Yamato” will be released in theaters on December 1st.

source: tokyohive