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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hello, girls! David Beckham strips down to his pants - and reveals hair-free legs


Smooth operator: David Beckham revealed his baby soft, hair-free legs as he played with his LA Galaxy team against FC Dallas last week

As the very embodiment of a metrosexual man, David Beckham moisturises, tidies his eyebrows and even famously once wore a skirt - and now it seems he's added shaving his legs to his list of girly goings on.

The footballer was spotted with suspiciously smooth pins when he stripped down to his pants to get changed in front of the crowds at a recent LA Galaxy match.

The muscular limbs are apparently insured for £100million, so perhaps he'd waxed rather than risk them with a razor.

The naturally smooth-chested Beckham - who used to endorse Gillett razors - had previously revealed rather hair-free legs when he posed in his pants in his notorious 2007 Giorgio Armani adverts.

But the star has never confirmed or denied shaving or waxing body hair, or even - as suspected - submitting to a dreaded Boyzilian.

Hairy: David shows off his leg fuzz during England's World Cup 2002 qualifier against Germany

source: dailymail