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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

'I do look at pictures of myself sometimes and think, Oh my god, I look really skinny,' admits Nadine Coyle



Slender: Nadine Coyle puts her lean legs down to 'dancing around my living room' but admits photos of herself do look 'extremely thin'

She has faced constant speculation about her weight in the last year.
And now Nadine Coyle has admitted that photographs of her slender frame have shocked her in the past.

'I have seen pictures of myself where I look extremely thin and think, "Oh my god,"' the Northern Irish beauty says.

However she insists: 'But then you see pictures of yourself where you’ve got a double chin or you're really pale or too tanned or something.'

In an interview with the Mail Online, the 25-year-old says that despite consistent pictures of her looking worryingly thin, her weight goes up and down.

'All girls have their cycles of jeans depending on the time of year and what you’ve eaten,' Nadine says. 'I go up and down. I feel healthy.

'I'm feeling great,' she adds. 'Look you're never going to hear me say "Oh, I'm looking so great!" but I do feel good.'

'He made absolutely sure': The Insatiable singer says she and fiance Jason Bell, pictured together at Koko Camden last night, had discussed marriage

Appearing at Koko in Camden last night for the Album Chart show in a sparkling mini dress, the Insatiable singer showed off the long lean legs that she says are the result of 'dancing around the living room.'

'I just put an album on and start doing kicks,' Nadine says of her casual workout regime.

'It doesn’t look very attractive but it works. I dance around my room and jump around the living room.

Sparkler: Nadine reveals she chose her engagement ring

'I've been to yoga before with Jason [Bell, her fiance] but I can't take it seriously. I don't get the peace and zen.

'Everyone is there going "ommmm" and I'm like the kid in the back hysterically laughing.'

Nadine has been on a promotional push for new single Insatiable, performing on the Album Chart show last night and at G-A-Y nightclub over the weekend.

She says it is doing the promotional interviews and performances where she misses her Girls Aloud bandmates.

'With the Girls Aloud studio process we always went into the studio by ourselves,' she says. 'I’ve always been in the studio alone. So the recording wasn’t really any different.

'It’s now when it comes to doing this stuff - interviews and things that I’m thinking I need more people around, I think "ahh, where are the girls?"

Miss Coyle is reluctant to discuss the apparent 'feud' between her and the other four Girls Aloud members, which has seemingly reignited in recent weeks as Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh and Sarah Harding attended Cheryl Cole's performance of Promise This on the X Factor.

The four also partied together at Harding's Halloween party over the weekend while Nadine sang at G-A-Y.

She will confirm that the girls sent her 'a really big, really beautiful' bouquet of flowers to congratulate her on her engagement to Jason Bell.

The singer reveals that she and the 32-year-old American football player had discussed marriage before his surprise proposal.

'He made absolutely sure,' she says. 'He asked me what kind of diamond I wanted. He sent me a website and I had a look and found one I liked. [The proposal] was an ongoing thing which made it more exciting.'

But she's still not used to the idea. 'I still call him my boyfriend,' she laughs. 'He says, "Nadine - fiance," and I'm like, "oh, that's right."'

Going solo: The 25-year-old says while Girls Aloud always recorded tracks separately, promo work is an adjustment: 'I think "Ahh, where are the girls?"'

Despite rumours of a 2011 wedding, Nadine says she is 'banned' from walking down the aisle for now. 'My best friend is getting married in 2012 so she's booked out all of 2011 and 2012. We have to be at her beck and call until after her day.'

When he day does come, she wants to forego the big lavish nuptials in favour of a 'Wedding tour,' travelling to places like Thailand, Nadine says.

And are children on the cards? 'I hope so, it would be a great thing,' she says.
'But I know how difficult it is, my older sister has four kids, and it can be so hard and such a nightmare. Up all night, screaming when they’re so young and they’re running around. But someday… not today, but someday if I’m lucky enough.'

And even though she is settling down with an American, Nadine insists she won't be making a permanent move to LA, where she has a home and a an Irish restaurant.

'I would hate to think that I was stuck anywhere. I love my passport, it’s my most prized possession.'

For now, Nadine is hesitant to say if she wants to continue a solo career or re-form with Girls Aloud.

'I’m really enjoying doing solo stuff. And it’s the same with the band and any project, you want to do your best and give it 100%.

'And for the minute, I can give this 100%, and when it comes to doing something else I’ll make sure I can give it 100% before I do it – whether that be another solo thing or a group thing.'

Nadine Coyle's new single Insatiable is available to download from iTunes now.

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